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Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

Lately, in very subtle ways, I’ve been challenged to engage in conversation concerning the “link(s)” of the chain of oppression as I often refer to in my writings. Some have stressed to me (consciously or unconsciously) that times have changed, and that somehow- and for some odd reason I choose to live in the past of being enslaved; that we (Black people) have encountered and conquered many feats set before us; that we have more opportunity now than any in our past, if we choose to take advantage of it.

And my, subtle, answer simply would be, yes, times have changed, we have gained victory in many battles, and, yes, we now have more opportunity…on the surface.

However, if we delve beneath the surface of the dirty, cloudy lens in which they want you to view your world from, you will find; that (consciously or unconsciously) times have not changed; that I am living in the present, not past, enslavement; that we (Black people of our past) have encountered and conquered many feats set before us; that some of us have more opportunity, and the majority of us are still being taken advantage of.

These challenges that I find myself encountering, nearly daily, has prompted me to start a series of writings on the “Links: Breaking the Chain”.

As part of this introduction, I would like to leave you with my poem, “Thoughts”.

I would ask (especially Black Americans) to ponder on the time line, the events which have taken place, and the education meant for you. Then I would ask if you would weigh then and now, and truly ponder on the difference in our mindset as a people.


We were sought,

Hunted, then caught,

Middle Passage we fought,

We landed and were quickly bought.

Then stripped of any cultural thought

Conformed to what Massa brutally taught

Bought into what he thought we ought

Hunted, kidnapped, bought,

Stripped, conformed, mis-taught…

Now we choose not to seek, so nothing’s sought,

We claim to be free, but really we still caught,

Our complacency insults those who stood and fought,

Pawns of fool’s gold, keeps us selling, so we bought.

Writing our own history should be more than a thought

Surrender, repent and ask for wisdom to be taught

So we can live according to His Will, as we ought

Seek, claim, and free your mind of binding thought

Surrender; stand unbossed, and unbought…

Just my thoughts

Peace and many Blessings,

La Royce