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Through many conversations, I’ve learned that many of us are, either, blinded by the lies of mass incarceration, or we have turned a blind eye to our brothers and sisters who are enslaved by mass incarceration. (Which in turn, all of us are enslaved by mass incarceration).

Let me pose the question, how many of you think because you are a law abiding citizen, who purposely avoids breaking our laws of the land, who is an alert citizen involved in a citizen crime watch; how many of you believe that this problem of mass incarceration will not affect you because of your good behavior?

How many of you believe mass incarceration is a business of buying and selling commodities on the public stock exchange? How many of you know that you are able to legally participate in the trading of “flesh” stock?

How many of you understand that the media purposely flaunts Black and Brown skinned bodies before their cameras and highlight certain stories on their broadcasts of “crimes” ,supposedly, committed by Black and Brown skinned bodies to precondition the public’s mind to fear them?

How many of you know that the people with power; judges, lawyers, police officers, county and city officials, and your government; all participate in the business of mass incarceration?

Brothers and sisters, I pose these questions to you for two reasons; 1) to, hopefully, bring awareness to this inhuman issue; and 2) once your awareness has been piqued, what will you do to assist in ending mass incarceration?

I have many theories as to why this evilness of mass incarceration exists in our society today. I believe it is a present form of enslavement to contain and control the lives of the Black/Brown brothers and sisters. What do I mean by “contain and control”? Firstly, I want to point out that our Black and Brown brothers and sisters are incarcerated at ridiculously higher rates than that of white people for committing identical crimes. This is due to the white person’s privilege of finances (used to buy freedom), their privilege of “who” they know in the criminal justice system, and, mostly, due to their white skin (which is instilled into Americans {consciously or unconsciously} not to fear).

I believe the reasons for which we are contained, as a people, is to control our behavior which is feared due to the ignorance of our cultural differences, to control our economic opportunities, and to control our population. Because we are misunderstood, we are feared. We are feared because we have been stigmatized. And this is generations of stigmatism that has been instilled into every American due to white supremacy racism. We are taught from toddlers that “black” is related to everything bad and “white” is everything good and pure. It is a part of our American fabric, entwined down to the very intricacies of every fiber of woven thread. So, until we choose to love one another as ourselves, this stained and soiled fabric will always cover us to keep us falsely protected from the cold we are so afraid to stand up against. Just as Adam and Eve were shamed when they committed sin and covered up with fig leaves, our shame is blanketed with the fabric of sin that we, as Americans, have created.

We (Black and Brown skinned) are economically controlled by mass incarceration. When a parent is incarcerated their child suffers. The child is not afforded the opportunities as their peers. So, a cycle is created. The oppressor’s hope is that the child will follow the same path as the parent. Our community suffers economically because we lack in building and producing to our full potential. Therefore, we must go outside of our community to supply ourselves with what we need to survive because “our” suppliers, our builders, our nurturers, our teachers, our mothers, our men, our role models, our knowledge, our wisdom, etc. are locked up away from us to purposely and intentionally destroy our community and to keep us economically enslaved.

Many do not want to hear, and certainly, do not want to accept my next theory on mass incarceration. Population control of our Black and Brown skinned people must be contained and controlled by the mind of white supremacy racism. When our brothers are incarcerated they are given sentences that are unfair and are meant to keep them incarcerated during their prime years of procreation. Also, our brothers may be incarcerated for a petty misdemeanor; however, when they are locked up, they are placed in a hostile environment. Then violations and crimes ensue to survive, which lengthens their original sentence. There is a reason why police officers’ presences on our children’s campuses are so prevalent. First, it is to instill the fear of knowing that they are always being watched. Secondly, it is to create a mindset of normality, to have them think it is normal to be in the presence of guards with guns. So that when they are incarcerated later in their lives, guards should (by then) be normal to them, to tell them when to awake, when to go to sleep, when to eat, and when they are allowed to socialize. They are there to establish control in order to contain them as our children mature. Because when they mature, they are meant to become a part of the system of mass incarceration in order to be contained, controlled and used as commodities all for the sake of white supremacy racism.

You may be thinking, if you stay out of trouble and don’t break any laws then what do you have to be concerned with? My answer is, you must be concerned with the system of mass incarceration. I mentioned earlier about stock trading. It is a fact that business proposals are done daily to build prisons. It is proposed to nearly every city and town throughout America to build a prison. The business person goes before the local government to propose building prisons to create jobs; jobs for prison guards, jobs for construction workers, jobs for vendors, jobs for food suppliers, jobs for uniform providers, jobs for all who want to take a turn at “cracking the whip” on inmates created by the system. The local government gives ear to these proposals because, after all, they were elected to create jobs, maintain the budget and help the area grow. So, they vote to erect a prison in their town.

Now the problem to fill the prisons presents itself. Well, it really isn’t a problem at all because, 1) our children have already been conditioned and groomed, 2) fear has been established by the media outlets, and 3) America’s fabric has become more stained. Fear is then locked up, exchanged as commodities, and traded.

What will you do to break this link of Mass Incarceration from the oppressor’s chain? Will you vote so that your voice can be heard? Will you vote for candidates who share in ending mass incarceration? Will you begin to view our so-called “criminals” with love instead of fear? Will you begin to attend school board meetings to make changes for your child’s learning environment? Will you counsel with your brother or sister who has a drug problem instead of assist the police in arresting them? Will you visit your brother or sister in prison to tell them that you love them and you have their back when they return home because our community needs them? Will you organize your community and educate our brothers and sisters to the system of mass incarceration? Will you love your brothers and sisters as yourself and stand in this struggle?

Peace and many Blessings,

La Royce