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Due to the insatiable greed that dominates the breathing pattern of this very bankrupt county, sadly, we have to make a ruckus when it comes to fairness and dignity that would afford our marginalized brothers and sisters a better life. Let me explain my thoughts; as strong as America appears to be with the mighty dollar that it flaunts so arrogantly to the rest of the world, at home, America remains weak due to the ever increasing creases of its torn and tattered “god” in which it trusts, the mighty-less dollar. America’s perpetual worship of the dollar has bred greed that seemingly can never be satisfied. Therefore, the rich get richer by in-taking everything of value from the poor. As, the poor get poorer by giving everything of value that they have in order to survive. Hence, the breathing pattern, which attributes to the bankruptcy (suffocating) of this country. And due to the normality of this cycle, somebody has to stand tumultuously on behalf of the marginalized to advocate fairness and dignity.

As with many Activists for human rights, I have chosen to stand and allow the Father to use me as His vessel to bring light into the darkness of America’s oppressive nature. I ask for your prayers of strength and courage as I move along His guided path. However, I am sharing my thoughts today because, unfortunately, I’ve crossed the path of some who claim to stand for right for our brothers and sisters, but it has been revealed that they are only concerned with, “what’s in it for them”. This saddens my heart because they are masking themselves with righteousness, while breeding their own “little America” by using their position or status to continue to take from the poor. These are the type of people that can be bought by the affluent, if the price is right. So, I also solicit your prayers on their behalf, that our Father may deliver them from greed, as He protects our vulnerable brothers and sisters whom they are entrapping with falsehoods. But, with that said, I do want to answer their concern of, “what’s in it for them.”

Foremost, it has been greatly commanded by our Savoir that we are to love our brothers and sisters as we love ourselves. When we stand for right and stand against injustice, we are displaying the love of Christ and we are advocating our love for our brothers and sisters. When anyone is abused, or misused by the system of oppression, we are all being misused and abused. Somewhere along the way we have allowed evil to come in and confuse us as a people, we’ve allowed the Evil One to obscure our sight by binding us with selfishness and self-centeredness. We must repent as a people and ask the Father to deliver us from our blindness, and to open our eyes to see the suffering of our people. When we are able to look beyond ourselves, and love beyond ourselves, then we are obeying His commandment to love our neighbor as ourselves.

So, the answer to thei concern of, “what’s in it for them?” is quite simple; it’s the difference between obedience and sacrifice. King Saul thought it was best to be selfish in keeping the best cattle for himself and to offer a burnt sacrifice to the Father (masking himself with righteousness), instead of being obedient to the Father and His Word. He then learned how the Father was not pleased with his disobedience. We have been commanded to love our neighbor as ourselves, but as a people we have chosen to fall into selfishness and to sacrificially turn a blind eye to the abuse and misuse of our brothers and sisters, instead of obeying His commandment. Our Father is not pleased with our disobedience. I pray that we repent and learn to choose obedience over sacrifice.

Peace and many blessings,

La Royce