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Kujichagulia (Self-Determination)

This second day of Kwanzaa we are to focus Kujichagulia by defining ourselves, naming ourselves, creating for ourselves and speaking for ourselves.

As I ponder my journey of Kujichagulia, I realize that I’m unable to speak, or create for myself until I define myself through my naming of myself.

I will share a story about defining, or identifying, myself. My good friend Apostle Saheed asked me one day, “Do you know the meaning of your name, La Royce?” Shamefully, I had to admit that I didn’t. He then told me to seek its meaning, then I will have a decision to make, and only then will I understand my purpose in life.

He said, “I’ll help you get started. “la” is an article that determines a specific reference to a noun or phrase (i.e. “la” translates to “the”).

Then he asked, “Who are you, ‘The’ what?”

I discovered who I am through my given birth name.

La Royce

“la” translates to “the”

“Royce” translates to “royalty, known, famous”

“The known”, “the famous”, “the royalty”

Of whom? I had to ask myself.

Will I choose to be the famous, the known or the royalty of “man”?

Or would I choose to be the known, the famous, the royalty of our Father?

It was then that I knew who I was, what my purpose is and who I live for.  Needless to say, now I am determined to live, create and speak for myself and my community, since I am His royalty.

Brothers and sisters, discover oneself through Kujichagulia.

Peace and many Blessings,

La Royce