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“I understand that I bear imperfections and stand with faults

Yet, I shall be so bold as to open my mouth and share my thoughts” -La Royce

I’ve traveled the road of being lost, unconscious and unaware

Shamelessly, I was too comfortable hidden away in my cocooned lair

I had no idea of hopelessness and despair

It wasn’t that I was unknowledgeable of our peoples’ struggles out there

It was more of my selfishness and lack of giving service and care

It was my pompous attitude of, “If I could rise from society’s desolate chair,

They can too, they just refuse to dare’”

Please forgive me, I was lost and situated in my entangled worldly affairs

I was blinded by the dollar of my illustrious career

I treasured my worldly possessions as idols because my heart lived there

But oh my…..He made me aware

Of how so many prayed for me and gave me their care

How they offered a hand when my load was too heavy for me to bear

How they gave to me when they really couldn’t afford to share

And how so many, many times through His grace my life was spared

When He shook me, my path became crystal clear

My journey of service is the only reason I exist here

Peace and Many Blessings,

La Royce