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Lend me your ear and imagine with me if you will

Two sides divided, just like on a sports field

There are players chosen for assignment on each side

The best, if you will, the team’s glory and pride


No matter the players’ game at hand

The common goal is to execute a purposed plan

To perpetuate a victory in a god-like way

Regardless of the trickery on the field of play


There is a coveted object desired by all

Whether pride, greed or having one’s name called

The goal is to get it, grab it, or steal it at any cost

You better gain possession, or you will suffer loss


A coin is tossed to determine which team goes first

Yet, many believe the coin toss is previously rehearsed

“Heads or Tails?” is the question asked

The pawn with the coin controls the task


The object of their desire is tossed, sometimes kicked

Knowing if loosely controlled it always leads to picks

So for their lives they give their muscle bound, buffed bods

Brutalized now with punches versus whipped backs with rods


The brutish behavior witnessed on the field of play

Embraces the need for the coliseum of today

We watch and we cheer as our man miraculously spins

Awaiting a goal, an assist, or a touchdown to win  


But after the wins and losses have been recorded

And every soul settles across its perspective borders

Who has really won the game penned in history?

Is it the players, the cheerers, or the mind twisters?


Maybe it’s the billionaire owners’ fattened accounts

Maybe it’s the sacrificed players ran until they’re burned out

Maybe it’s the fans recalling highlights of legal brutality

Maybe it’s the oppressors need for an encrypted society


Maybe it’s our way to pretend “it’s just a game”

Maybe it’s our miseducation and shame

Maybe we aren’t really offended, but highly entertained

Playing life’s defenseless game, continuously being rearranged


Peace and Many Blessings,

La Royce