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She tells me I can’t make it on my own

But I say, “Yes I can because I’ve been nurtured and I’ve grown”

She consistently magnifies my faults

But I’ve learned to zoom into my creative thoughts

She tells me I’ve taken way too much

But I say, “I am still incredibly tough”

She tells me I cannot stop living in my past

But I say, “I have a new role and a brand new cast”

She tells me the future I must fear But I say, “I cannot stop living, I must persevere”

She tells me my heart will hurt again

But I say, “I was created to love and to be a good friend”

She tells me I’ve waited too late to educate

But I say, “I can do anything because of my faith”

She tells me I will never be understood

But I say, “My life is for doing His will and to be good”

She tells me I’ve missed my blessings

But I say, “My journey is an ongoing divine lesson”

She is My Inner Critic and insists that I remain hidden on the shelf But I will not allow “she” to penetrate and destroy My True Self

Peace and Many Blessings,

La Royce