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Ago I lived in dysfunction

Lacking much envied healthy structure

In dire need of a conjunction

It was the stick that broke the heart that left the painful puncture

The wound opened and exposed  Like that of an aggressive leech It suckled the blood away until it closed

Then headed for the refuge of the heart broken elite

Amongst this privileged crowd There emerged a beacon of illumination

The light brown windows of his soul pierced through my storm cloud And ignited my heart with a pure love of determination

Never could I have imagined a love so sweet

So kind

So dear

Eventually, I perceived that he was my fortune

A precious jewel

To be admired

Highly desired

And most definitely acquired

Never could I have imagined a man so true

So free

So profound

Eventually, I believed that he was my fortune

A beautiful statue

With great value

He a lit my fire anew

That I desired to pursue

Never could I have imagined a love so surreal

With such sex appeal

Very ideal….

Eventually, I received that he was my fortune

A royal crown

With rubies abound

A love that must be endowed

This fortune

I was very fortunate to Perceive Then receive

Because I believed

This love story was then achieved

Peace and Many Blessings,

La Royce