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After experiencing a love so cold My heart was left incomplete and half whole

I decided to be oh so bold

And ask my Heavenly Father for a man to hold

Not just any man simple in mind Who’d choose to disrespect me all of the time

But a man who was very complex And wasn’t ashamed to let his heart muscle flex

You see my heartbeat needed to be restored

For my love had been locked behind my soul’s door

Chained and unable to loose itself like many times before

But my heart screamed , “I’m so ready to soar!”

So I asked not for the typical man who’d undress me with lust

And only desired his portion of my delectable pie crust

But an insightful man who could look past my voluptuous bust

And forever desire my love and trust

I no longer had the room for the user to ride

Who’d eventually take it all…..even my pride

I desired a man who wanted to provide

So together we could live, love, and survive

A man who would never leave me out in the wilderness

And toy with my heart’s sacred tenderness

But a man who’d forever feel blessed In knowing that he has my precious touch and caress

I desperately wanted a man who could understand me

Yet my soul could remain free

And not be incarcerated like a caged bird

You see I’ve lived that life before and it’s completely absurd

For my last love escapade made me depressed

My wants and needs had to be suppressed I was not allowed to grow and progress

Instead I was lavished with mountains of stress

This made me recall the pain of the dagger

And how the excruciation caused me to stagger

How my heart almost lost its rhythm and swagger

And how beautiful things seemed to no longer matter

This hurt began to caution my prayer

For another break my heart just could not bear

To have my soul ripped apart again was so unfair

And I absolutely refused to return there

Then I thought, would I continue a life without love because I’m afraid Would I allow that devastating heartbreak to keep me in the shade Would I forever be walked on and played

Or will I take back my power and be the woman that God has made

I choose to live a life of love and let go of the pain

To free and release the hurt that remained

To give up the defeat that caused me shame

And wait for my love in my Father’s domain

Peace and Many Blessings,

La Royce