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Divided by the fence

Separated by intent

Labeled by the hue

Branded without a clue

Herded to the rear

Under the oppressor’s steer

Chained to the fence

As the conformity gets intense

Blinded by the treasure

Tempted by the pleasure

Stripped of history

To ensue paths of mystery

Mis-educated minds

To aide in genocide

Shamed by the fence

Bought, sold and spent

Refuses watch as brother’s keeper

No more the sower, only the reaper

Self-centered, -served and –ish

Unequipped to cast or fish

Tamed by the fence

Muted into dead silence

No utilization of the voice

Even though death gave you choice

Bought into the auction mold

Sold again as we become easier to fold

But tearing down the fence

Would mean charting an offense

Breaking the chains of consequence

Bearing the pain of subsequence

Rendering a calm to our nonsense

Standing in our brothers’ defense

Marching to our own cadence

We must become indignant

Lose our whitewashed nonsense

Clear our minds of slave pretense

Heed His deliverance into advent

We must destroy the fence

We must destroy the fence…

Peace and many Blessings,

La Royce