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My hopes and dreams are far from my thoughts

Lost in space with little faith of touching,



Loving them again;

I’m all alone without

The love that I crave

As oxygen;

Needing and desiring to breathe,

And to love,

And to receive,

The love

I believe

My Heavenly Father

Meant for me;

Where are you?

Don’t you know I need you?

Can’t you feel I desire you?

Instead you choose

To run away from my soul,

To tease my heart,

To leave me,


Alone on an island

Of fear;

To keep my being frozen,

Standing still,

Slowly sinking,

In a pitiful hole

Of loveless souls;

Yet, I continue to wait

Depending upon my faith

That was instilled as a child;

How long must I anticipate

The hopefulness that I see,

But, for some unearthing reason

I cannot touch;

There you are life….

Why can’t you see me?

Here I am standing,

Still standing,

Slowly sinking….

But, forever reaching….

Peace and Many Blessings,

La Royce