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I thought I was living the best I could be

Turns out, I was asleep with the Enemy

I was mentally bound, earthly crowned, living a life of vanity

Merely, portraying the role of an actress for humanity

I was only concerned with my surroundings

Laid back in my mental prison cell, lounging

Thinking I was being all that I was created to be

Turns out, I was walking blind, unable to see

I used my Father conveniently

Praying for mercy while still bathing in iniquity

Expecting Him to adhere to my demands

And to expeditiously answer my commands

Father, I am shamed before Thee

Of my selfishness of caring when it only pertained to me

With complete submission, Father, I ask your forgiveness

I bow before Thee in need of your remission

Thank you, Father, for shaking me

And opening my eyes to finally see

That I was allowing the Enemy to block my freedom

And try to steal my reward of reaching your Kingdom

Blindly I was being played as a pawn

Festering in darkness while being tempted by the Evil One

Now awakened from my sinful sleep

Thank you, Father, for never leaving your lost sheep

Peace and Many Blessings,

La Royce