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The morning when my Father’s hand shook me

He blessed me with a kiss of His fresh mercy

I rolled out of the comforts of my resting place

Fell to my knees and thanked my Father for His grace

For allowing me to breathe, yet another breath

While protecting me in the night from the angel of death

To be clothed in my right mind to rationally think

For my heart’s rhythm to beat and flow in sync

Thanked Him for allowing me good health

And the joy of knowing priceless wealth

I thanked Him for my children’s sweet voices

Prayed that they would choose good choices

Prayed for forgiveness as I went on my way

As I hoped not to mistreat any soul that day

Then I asked He guide me with His hand

As I asked to be able to extraordinarily stand

And not fall into me, but His Will be done

All this I prayed in the name of His Holy Son

It was then I felt His presence dwell

He said, “Daughter all is not well!

Your words sound of clanging cymbals of brass

Just as the Pharisees and Scribes went about their task

Of living for show and acting holy for man

Arrogantly ignoring knowledge of My plan

But, another chance for you yet I’ve spared

Because I know your heart is full of love and care

This is why I purge you and discipline your hand

I’m preparing you to rise up and to stand

This is why I shook you awake

You’ve been chosen for My sake

Your task is to spread My Word

To use your voice to be heard”

I surrendered to His call

In awe, I am willing to give my all

Whenever, wherever, however

I will follow my Father’s hand forever

Thank you, Father, for choosing me

To stand in Your name extraordinarily


La Royce