This is a poem I wrote after the murder of another one of our young Black brothers. Let’s stay focused on our cause and keep fighting until justice prevails.

Much love,
La Royce


The American Suspect”

They will hunt you

Taunt you

Rush you

Ambush you

Abuse you

Accuse you

Incite you

Fight you

Murder you

Watch your mama bury you

And according to their laws

With convenient clauses

Self-defense they will claim

And for your own death you will be blamed

They couldn’t see you as a positive man-child

But only as a suspected animal roaming in the wild

Upon sight you were judged, labeled and belittled

Accused of brandishing weapons of Arizona Iced Tea and Skittles

But it was only because you shielded yourself from the rain

Like anyone would with a hoodie and a brain

That we watched your mama bury you

Because they murdered you

Only in America


Peace and Many Blessings,

La Royce

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