Brothers and sisters, in light if NO indictment for Michael Brown’s killer, I dare pose the question again, “Who’s the True Criminal?”


“America, Criminally Insane”

My sister Angela Davis posed the question back in ‘69

“In America, what is the true meaning of crime?”

I believe in order to decipher this question of crime’s position

We must start with inquiry of our society’s judgmental condition

Is it the presupposed indictment of a societal labeled suspect?

In which the media preconditions our minds’ eye to instantly reflect

A being of an incompetently abominate social fool

Who concentrates his actions deep within a sinister cesspool

Would it be the brother who desperately desires to provide his family’s need

And becomes willing to hustle, not out of greed, but of a love to desperately feed

His children’s cries of hunger pangs and their seemingly endless hurt

Because of his natural instinct to protect as he wrestles with his own worth

What about our sister who sells her precious temple, and bites of her pride


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