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This morning in the aftermath of yet another lash on our backs, another link for our chain, and another hoaxing from the oppressor, I find it hard to breathe in the thickness of the smoke and tear gas that continues to pollute the air of the Fergusons’ across this yet to be, United States of America. As I try to understand the decision of NOT to indict a known killer of an unarmed teenager, I find it hard to focus on hopeful thoughts. As I desperately try to seek solutions to the wickedness that lurks, I find it hard to be quiet and to suppress my anger. NO JUSTICE NO PEACE. As I ponder over our history of living Black in America, I tally era, after era, of no accountability, no indictments, and of course, no justice for the beautiful lives and futures taken from us. I envision “strange fruit” still hanging from trees.

Prosecutor Bob McCullough stood before America last night and pompously stated, “There is no probable cause to indict Officer Darren Wilson”. After, I recovered from my horrific shock, and wrestled my overwhelming anger, I realized, this man has just taken the law into his own hands to manipulate the outcome of the decision. His unprecedented approach of presenting this case before the Grand Jury ensured from the start, No indictment. He took on the roles of prosecutor and defense attorney all at once. Sort of like a Jekyll and Hyde. He and his staff argued and rebutted the case in the presence of Grand Jury. Presenting all evidence (false or otherwise) in a way that was meant to confuse and overwhelm them. He gave no direction, nor any recommendations. Just as information was methodically released to demonize and dehumanize the victim, Michael Brown, the prosecutor did the same to the eyewitnesses in his statement last night. In his statement, how many times did he say the witnesses changed their story, or thought they saw something that they didn’t? How many times did he refer us to his documentation that was to be released immediately? How many insults did he spew when he kept referring us to the documents, “that we probably wouldn’t take the time to fully read”? His strategy: overwhelm them, confuse them, demonize them….coerce a “no indictment” decision….give an elitist statement….release his documents….close the case (just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving). Wow, incredible.

Again, from the start of this case, Prosecutor McCullough knew the outcome. In hindsight, we see it from his history of being pro-police. His father was a police officer killed in the line of duty. As well as, his mother, brother, uncle and cousin all were employed by the St. Louis police Department. We can also confirm it with a report that has been released that a week ago, Officer Darren Wilson had contact with a network about scheduling an appearance. In other words, a week ago, Darren Wilson, knew he was not going to be charged by the Grand Jury. We can further confirm it by the elaborate weaponry, ammunition and tax payer dollars spent in preparation for the announcement of the decision.

The mishandling and manipulation of the law in this case put me in the mind of the 2013 case in Texas of a fifteen year old white boy who killed 4 people, paralyzed 3, and forever changed the lives of their loved ones. He stole his father’s truck, drove drunk, and caused an accident that involved over a dozen people. Yet, he was not faced with jail time, but only rehab. His attorney argued an unprecedented case of “affluence”.  Manipulated the law and freed her privileged, unremorseful, white client. (It moved me so that I wrote about it and I will share it with you at the end).

These cases are completely different, with a different set of circumstances. However, in comparison, due to the defendants white privileges and manipulation of our laws of the land, in each of these cases, they both walk free. They both got away with murder (and Shonda Rhimes did even have to write about it).

Peace and Many Blessings,

La Royce

“Affluence Reigns Supreme, Yet Again”

 In our society that’s overwhelmingly saturated with impoverishment, racism, sexism and discrimination; affluence reigns supreme, yet again. Not surprisingly, the pompous attitude of the affluent privileged has sustained its victory in supremacy by way of systemic classism, which burdens and insults the very existence of the impoverished. However, the insulting component doesn’t lie entirely within the imperialistic attitude of the affluent mindset; in fact, it lies mostly with the certainty that within days, this now heightened case involving an affluent young man in Texas, will be filed away into the bowels of America’s dungeon, into a stone cabinet labeled “INJUSTICE”, into the drawer titled “America’s criminally insane, who got off due to affluence”; to be never thought of again. Incredibly sad; yet, incredibly true.                                                                                          

This instance of injustice that highlights the inequality of an affluent person’s criminal justice destiny, versus an impoverished person’s plight into criminal injustice; has seemingly embraced its intended path of stirring emotions amongst the marginalized majority, while unnecessarily debating current laws adjusted to fit the needs of the elite minority. An intended path created, controlled and, eventually, to be curtailed by the affluent.

Although, this elitist behavior was implanted into the soil, at the birth of this country through its genocidal war against the Natives; we still seem to react surprised, as if these unjust actions should have halted with the ending of slavery, Jim Crow, or better yet, simply because it’s the year 2013. Again, sadly and angrily, as a people we will play out this event of injustice through our controlled emotions, then we will move on to tomorrow’s event of injustice. After we’ve temporarily attached to tomorrow’s injustice and bear our limited grief over it, we will await the next event of injustice. The cycle continues to churn separating the affluent from the impoverished.

As a people, will we ever become tired enough to stand and say, “No more!”? As a people, will we ever learn to utilize our voice? As a people, we will ever stop running to the block to gauge our worth by the price we are selling for at the moment? As a people, will we truly learn to love ourselves, in order to love our children and future generations?

Or will we continue to take our assigned places, to sit down, shut up, and be still, while the affluent elite continue to reign supreme?

La Royce