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Around the mountain, just as the Israelites we go

Worshipping idol gods and living for show

Walking by faith and living in the know

Isn’t the option that we choose to sow

Our intentions paving way to hell

Induced by the Evil One’s wicked spell

We’re too comfortable in our unconscious shell

We’re too afraid to stand up and rebel

How long will we continue to lay asleep

Passing on blessings that we fail to reap

Blessings that were sown over 2000 years ago

That our Father still awaits to bestow

How long will we follow the path of the majority

Blinded by man’s wretched authority

When will we stand and say, “No more”

When will we stand for freedom and begin to soar

When will our eyes open to life reborn

When will we cease existence to just conform

When will we say, “Father, please forgive me, I surrender”

When will we heed His Word and relinquish the pretender

Although, we know the need to change our space

We continue to line up to run that same old race

Our issues of a broken people we must face

Or we can continue around the mountain full of shame and disgrace

Peace and Many Blessings,

La Royce