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Once I was shook up

My mind finally woke up

I learned to walk with my head up

Now when faced with tough times, I will never again give up

Assured by His presence I will forever look up

With every step I take I will send His praises up

I am eternally grateful to Him for lifting me up

Through this journey I’ve learned,

I have no need to hide behind society’s make-up

Or to live a life of an animal, systematically tamed and caged up

Since I’ve let go of the “social bondage” crutch, I will stand up

I will shout, my voice can no longer be muted or trained to shut up

Without a doubt, I know that I am spiritually hooked-up

And although I may get tripped up

I may stumble and slip up

I may even fall down…

But, through His grace I am forever free to Rise up

Peace and Many Blessings,

La Royce