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“How Much More….. Before”

How much longer must we conform and settle

Before things really transform into change for the better

How much more time will we allow to become past

Before we stand firm and overcome our struggle at last

How much more shall we accept as their mistakes

Before we are forced to rise up and partake

In the say so of our own freedom plight

And begin to recognize that this is our people’s fight

How many more times will our heads subserviently bow in fear

Before we allow the spirit of our ancestors 1863 liberated minds to reappear

How many times must the blatancy of the “N” word be applied

Before we become so damn sick of being sick and tired

How much more shall we flex, extend and backward bend

Before we attempt the conception of inception to ascend

To a freed people’s mindset and a children of God’s reign

And once and for all sever our own shackles and chains

How many more times shall we arrogantly ignore our hopeless, lost and poor

Before we truly understand that there is only one way into Heaven’s holy door

How many eons of eye-wool must be sheared, spun and spooled

Before we realize that we are being pawned as the bound, blinded and fooled

How many more moments upon moments must come to pass and deem themselves expired

Before we envision ourselves as “created in His image” and become majestically inspired

To stand extraordinarily aspired to conquer gained freedom

As His Will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven’s Kingdom

How many more acquitted stolen lives of our young brothers like that of Trayvon Martin’s

Before we cease trading our freeman card for insurance of the white man’s pardon

How many more suspects shall be encircled into the cycle of Mass Incarceration

Before we stand up and recognize that this is the fight of our generation

How many more standardized tests must be assessed to study our children’s isms

Before we realize they are being premeasured to fit into future prison systems

Tailor made, 10X10 dimensions of cemented walls with metal bars

Encased on modern-day-plantations and guaranteed to promote dehumanizing scars

How much more, before?

“When Should…After?”

When should we stand against this crooked system of injustice?

After it finishes it’s hoaxing,

By boasting “In God We Trust”?

No, after….

It’s material coaxing,

By toasting the bread crumbs it throws at us

Tell me, when should we stand and shout “We Want Out!”?

After the majority is completely enslaved,

And entrapped?

No, after….

Injustice is engraved,

And the marginalized are all branded and stamped

Help me understand, when should we become consciously aware?

After we are ambushed and lured,

Into their unjust snare?

No, after….

Society’s blindfold has been secured,

And we can no longer recognize the signs of Danger and Beware

Let’s see, when should we stand and exercise our right to vote?

After the Supreme Court strips our protection,

Of our “One Man, One Vote” hope?

No, after….

We’ve accepted exception,

And our right to “Freedom and Justice for All” is revoked

When will we set our eyes upon our Father’s business

By surrendering our souls

And standing as His witnesses

Will it be after He returns again;

When every tongue confesses

And every knee shall bend

No, after….

Wait there would be no more After…

Only the End….

And After would be too late, then….

My brothers and sisters, NOW is all we have!

Peace and Many Blessings,

La Royce