America is like a beautiful, ornate mansion with pristine gardens and well manicured lawns on the outside, however, once you enter through the front door, the stench of the filth that lurks within arrests the human senses like that of a powerful and intoxicating gas, and can render one unconscious; and once you’ve awakened you find that you are enslaved within the walls of an ominous and sinister dungeon; shackled by Capitalistic greed and chained with link, after link, after link of social injustice that leads to dehumanization.” La Royce

This quote came to me after viewing the documentary, “The House I Live In”. In particular, the scenario that played out in the scenes of brother, after brother, after brother becoming lured and trapped into the system of Mass Incarceration. Subdued and confined within the walls of chain-linked fences. Criminalized and demonized as days pass into months, and months to…

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