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“America, Criminally Insane”

My sister Angela Davis posed the question back in ‘69

“In America, what is the true meaning of crime?”

I believe in order to decipher this question of crime’s position

We must start with inquiry of our society’s judgmental condition

Is it the presupposed indictment of a societal labeled suspect?

In which the media preconditions our minds’ eye to instantly reflect

A being of an incompetently abominate social fool

Who concentrates his actions deep within a sinister cesspool

Would it be the brother who desperately desires to provide his family’s need

And becomes willing to hustle, not out of greed, but of a love to desperately feed

His children’s cries of hunger pangs and their seemingly endless hurt

Because of his natural instinct to protect as he wrestles with his own worth

What about our sister who sells her precious temple, and bites of her pride

Not because she is promiscuous or burns of an unquenchable lust inside

But because of society’s squelching, ridiculing, grueling stereo-type

Of a gold-digging wench, and eventually she becomes tricked-up by the hype

Unfortunately, our children have fallen prey to criminal premonitions

Of social medians, utilizing bullying premiums, to facilitate renditions

Of beguiling falsehoods dangling at the end of an imaginary stick

An image of the “American Dream”, which turns out only to be a trick

I believe Angela posed this question of, “what is the true meaning of crime?”

Because we must ponder “it”, before a ‘criminal” can possibly be defined

So I would like to impose upon you, what crime really means to me

Shining a light in the darkness to expose the true “criminal”, maybe you’ll agree

My suspicion of a “criminal” stems from the actions displayed of an evil mind

Where crookedness, wickedness, and imperialistic behavior seem to reside

An imagery of a workshop of pure evilness driven by insatiable greed

Which most likely began with temptation cultivated from a materialistic idle seed

You see crime cannot remain in existence, nor can it sustain its persistence

Unless there is a criminal behind the scene cracking the whip of resistance

To keep our brothers and sisters pedaling in a cycle of an impoverished life

Broken by modern-day-lashes and tell-tale scars of our sacrifices and strife

Crime is slick as a thief in the night who’s robbing our generation of its freedom

Hoaxing and coaxing until we buy into America as the promised kingdom

Then as soon as we are bought and falsely taught that we have become equals

We are quickly sold on the block as “criminals”, now here we stand living in the sequel

True Crime in America is rooted in and remains polluted in shame

So until the True Criminal “America” stands up and accepts the blame

We will continue this cycle of idiotic, robotic inanity

As America festers criminally in its own insanity

Peace and Many Blessings,

La Royce